Why no one cares about your Twitter beef

Lauren Mister, Editor

Twitter seems to be the modern-day battleground for passive-aggressiveness, the stage for a drama no one paid to see. To those who use this platform for fighting with friends or attacking views of their political opponents, there are a few things I have to say.

First, no one cares. I log into Twitter with the expectation to see what venues my favorite bands are playing and what my friends are up to, not to see tension between people I barely know. My apathy towards fighting over social media is so profound and indescribable that I couldn’t make just a 140 character tweet about it. Likewise, pulling an argument onto social media involves more people. Why not just speak to someone in person and leave the rest of the world out of it?

Second, fights on a platform used by MILLIONS of people could be seen by perfect strangers, and yet people still don’t have the decency to use private message. I don’t know if I would be comfortable knowing future colleges and employers have seen me bickering with a person about politically trivial topics. Besides this, if I had convictions about certain controversial subjects, I would actually write a paper on it. If it’s on Twitter, then it can’t be that important.

I especially have no consideration for Twitter beef because it’s inconsiderate. Arguments over what type of theme a football game should be or if flirting is a form of cheating  mean virtually nothing outside of a friend group or a local high school; there are more problems than what’s ten inches in front of people’s faces. People are so addicted to starting trouble that I suppose it trumps other important issues that are more prevalent than fickle romance problems.

However, I’m not stopping anyone from arguing on Twitter. People can use all caps to their heart’s content, but because there are consequences for this kind of behavior. Each to his own, but I find starting fights on social media as ridiculous and infantile. If someone has a real problem, they should hash it out privately. Nothing is accomplished by this except adding fuel to the fire, and I’m sorry I don’t want to be a part of it.