Getting Your Learner’s Permit

Getting Your Learners Permit

Angel Kontra, Editor

Getting your learner’s permit is the first step to completing the Maryland Graduated Licensing System, one step closer to a driver’s license, and an important part of growing up. Though the Maryland Vehicle Administration (MVA) is open three days a week, getting a learner’s permit isn’t as easy as just walking in and asking for one.

There are a few specific requirements for anyone applying for his or her learner’s. The minimum age for an applicant is 15 years and 9 months old. Anyone whose applying under the age of 16 must get an MVA verification form signed from their school. Here at Calvert, these forms can be found in the main office. This form must be signed by a parent/guardian, the school, and delivered sealed to the MVA. In addition, a parent/guardian must cosign for the learner’s permit application for anyone under 18.

Regardless of age, anyone applying for a permit has to provide proof or age and identification (such as a birth certificate,) a social security number, and Maryland residency.¬†Also, all applicants have to pass a vision screening test. Either the MVA can administer this test or the applicant’s primary optometrist can fill out an MVA form. If the MVA has any concerns about one’s vision, he or she may be referred to a vision specialist before a permit are issued.

Along with the vision screening test, all applicants have to pass a knowledge test. The Maryland Driver’s Manual, the Maryland Online Driver Test Tutorial, or the official MVA App can be used as study resources. The test has a total of 25 questions and no more then three may be answered incorrectly.

The best way to get a learner’s is to be prepared, make sure all the paper work is in order, and all the requirements are met. Good luck!